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Obtain a medical marijuana card online in Modesto. Get evaluated by licensed marijuana doctors and receive your medical card on your registered email id.

Step-by-Step Process Of Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card Online!

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Modesto is not complicated anymore! The applicants can now acquire their legal rights in just three quick steps.

Fill Out An Evaluation Form

Start the process of obtaining an mmj card in Modesto by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate personal and medical details.

Get Evaluated

Get assessed by the state-licensed medical doctors to identify the need to have access to the medical cannabis treatment at your chosen timings. This evaluation will take 15-20 minutes only.

Receive Your MMJ Card

Once the medical doctor approves you, you will immediately receive your written recommendation at your registered email address.
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Requirements To Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card In Modesto

Gather the following essential documents and acquire your legal right devoid of any troubles!

1. A Photo Identification Proof

An applicant must show their photo ID proof in the following documents:

  • A state identification card
  • A valid driving license
  • A valid and approved passport of the State

2. Residential Proof

The applicant must prove their state residency with the help of the following documents:

  • A utility bills
  • Any rental agreement
  • A California DMV Registration

3. A Written Medical Recommendation

An applicant needs a written signed recommendation obtained from a licensed marijuana doctor. This document indicates that the person’s medical condition requires medical cannabis treatment.

Select Your Package

Here are the Packages We Offer. You can choose as per your requirements.

Digital Medical Marijuana Recommendation


includes instant Email Copy


Receive your MMJ Card signed by mmj doctors in PDF format to your registered email address in just 15 minutes


24/7 Verification of your recommendation letter either on-call or online.


Recommendation valid for one year


Delivery of Hard Copy by Mail at your Doorstep.


Plastic Personal Photo MMJ-ID Card (Wallet-Sized).


Authorization to cultivate up to 99 plants and possess 8 Oz. or more.

Grower Recommendation + Medical Card


Delivery at Your Doorstep


Receive your MMJ recommendation signed by mmj doctors in PDF format to your registered email address in just 15 minutes


A hard copy of your Recommendation letter at your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days.

24/7 Verification of recommendation letter either on-call or online

Recommendation valid for one year


Medical Marijuana Patient’s Photo ID Card


Authorization of cultivating up to 99 plants and possession of 8 ounces of marijuana or more.

Modesto Medical Marijuana Facts!

Modesto is no different from several other cities in California, offering legitimate access to medical marijuana treatments and promoting the natural remedy’s efficiency in dealing with ample medical conditions.
Since the positive research concerning medical cannabis is increasing and people are actually finding the treatments effective, Modesto has also marked its presence well in counting on the medical marijuana treatment for improving various debilitating conditions.

And This is why Modesto has permitted easy online access to acquire the legal rights to consume the treatment. A medical marijuana card after obtaining a written recommendation is all you need to access the mmj treatment.

Since the laws in California are more lenient, Modesto strictly follows the same rules to execute the Medical Marijuana Program perfectly.

Modesto permits qualified patients to legally access, consume, cultivate and possess medical marijuana treatment. The city even enables minor patients to access medical cannabis treatment with the help of a caregiver.

Apart from the legal rights, a qualified marijuana patient can grow up to 6 mature or 12 immature plants at home.

Since there are no predefined limits on the possession amount of medical cannabis, a medical marijuana doctor is the only way to get the possession requirement identified as suitable for the debilitating condition.

Generally, a qualified medical cannabis patient can acquire up to 8 ounces of medical cannabis.

A few things need to be taken care of!

  • Do not take medical marijuana over the state lines.
  • And if you are moving around the state, keep a reasonable amount of marijuana only that is either 28.5 grams or 1 ounce or less of a dried flower or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate in a sealed box.
  • If you have both cannabis concentrate and flower, you can take 4 grams of concentrate and 14.25 grams of dried cannabis flower.

Find Best Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Near Me

Modesto medical Marijuana Doctors

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors

Medical Marijuana Doctor Rating
420 Balboa Way, Modesto, CA 95350, United States
Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM

+1 (888) 281-8758

I am so happy with the services received. The entire process, evaluations, and everything was so seamless.
Medical Marijuana Card Doctors

420 Evaluations Modesto

Medical Marijuana Doctor Rating
2101-2199 Claymont Dr, Modesto, CA 95350, USA
Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM
I am happy about the decision of choosing the service. Highly recommended.
Medical-Marijuana-License Renewal

Medical Marijuana License Renewal

Medical Marijuana Doctor Rating
1601-1699 Marsha Ave, Modesto, CA 95350, USA
Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM
The customer support team helped me through the process step by step and was there to answer any questions I had.
Online Medical Cannabis Doctor

Modesto Online Medical Cannabis Doctor

Medical Marijuana Doctor Rating
900-908 Haverhill Dr, Modesto, CA 95356, USA
Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM
The website is easy to navigate and I got an appointment the same day!
medical marijuana card renewal online

medical marijuana card renewal online

Medical Marijuana Doctor Rating
1625-1633 Dezzani Ln, Modesto, CA 95358, USA
Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM to 10:00PM
Signing up and getting my certificate was quick and easy. I would highly recommend the service.

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Very professional! I have been suffering from chronic pain for quite some while now. Somehow, I learned about this medical card and written recommendations to access the treatment. But since I was new to it, I had no idea how to begin with it. Thanks to “MedicalMarijuanaCardCalifornia,” who made the entire process easier and connected me to licensed medical doctors for evaluation purposes. Really happy with the services.

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Living in Modesto, California, I really needed a medical card to deal with the anxiety. But it was pretty complicated to go through the entire manual process, but thanks to “MedicalMarijuanaCardCalifornia,” I got my medical card easily. Without any trouble, I quickly got the legal rights to access from the comfort of my home.

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Very helpful, accommodative, and professional. They made the whole process smooth and streamlined. Highly recommended!

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